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Just before he died, he saw his faithful attendant Ananda, weeping.The Buddha advised him not to weep, but to understand the universal law that all compounded things (including even his own body) must disintegrate.

Celebrating Vesākha (Vesak) also means making special efforts to bring happiness to the unfortunate like the aged, the handicapped and the sick.Also birds, insects and animals are released by the thousands in what is known as a 'symbolic act of liberation' of giving freedom to those who are in captivity, imprisoned, or tortured against their will.(The practice, however, is banned in some countries such as Singapore, as it is believed that the released animals are unable to survive long-term and may adversely impact the local ecosystem if they do.) Devout Buddhists undertake to lead a noble life according to the teaching by making daily affirmations to observe the Five Precepts.Devotees are expected to listen to talks given by monks.On this day, monks will recite verses uttered by the Buddha twenty-five centuries ago to invoke peace and happiness for the government and the people.

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Dating Vegans: Recipes for Relationships Paperback by Anne Dinshah (Author) 3/01/2012 Dating Vegans is first book of its kind to boldy explore this aspect of relationships. This powerful function of the book can appeal to anyone, regardless of the relationship situation.

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