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He could also be difficult, prickly, and verging on the insubordinate.In the rush to close the Falaise pocket, his tanks impeded the Americans by blundering out of their own designated areas - something a more efficient commander might have avoided, and which perhaps allowed the allied victory to be less overwhelmingly successful than it would otherwise have been.Too often, his actions were dictated by what he perceived was best for France rather than what was best for the Allied war effort.He clashed frequently with subordinates and superiors alike, and could be petty and small minded.A worthy addition to the library of anyone with a close interest in the Second World War.Most students of World War II are familiar with General Charles de Gaulle.With a fast-paced narrative covering combat at all levels of command and a foreword by Martin Windrow, author of The Last Valley: Dien Bien Phu and the French Defeat in Vietnam, Free France's Lion will make fascinating reading for any serious student of the full scope of World War II. It is highly entertaining and helps bring to light apart of World War II that many readers know little about French Africa.REVIEWS a solid biography of the man who was a hero in France during and after the war, second only to- or even exceeding-Charles de Gaulle in popularity and respect does a good job, in particular, of allowing readers to feel sand in the nostrils when Leclerc is raiding with his tiny band of Gaullists in the desert, and also allowing readers to feel the swelling sense of pride, excitement, and drama when the veterans of Chad and the Fezzan race into the boulevards of Paris in 1944 Moore demonstrates conclusively that Leclerc served as a lion of Free France. Portland Book Review a must read for any serious student of World War II in Europe. It would be an excellent addition to any community, college or personal library.

Eventually, Leclerc comes to love and appreciate them too, and gives them back their red lanyards.

While being partly successful in the south and Cambodia, Leclerc soon discovered that the Viet Minh were harder to dislodge in the North, and that Ho Chi Minh was more than a match for frequently changing postwar French governments.

Recognizing that France had neither the means nor the will to recover control, Leclerc advised his government to "negotiate at all costs." This didn't happen, leading to Dien Bien Phu eight years later and thence to US involvement.

Surprisingly, Leclerc has never yet been the subject of a thorough biography in English.

Nevertheless many Americans and Englishmen will inevitably have noticed the plethora of monuments to Leclerc in any moderately sized French town.

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Leclerc the aristocrat was, as Moore makes clear, just the sort of right-wing Catholic with ambivalent views about the legacy of the French Revolution which the Vichy régime seemed designed to attract.

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