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Matrimonial agencies were big business there by the early 18th century, printing ads on behalf of men who paid the agency to recruit them a good wife.Being single passed the age of 21 was considered almost shameful in that era, and the ads were often a last resort for the men who advertised and the women who read them.Personal ads have a history going back at least 300 years, according to a new book on the subject entitled "Classified: The Secret History of the Personal Column" (Random House Books, 2009).Internet dating is just the modern version of the first "matrimonial" agencies of the 1700s, which helped lonely bachelors search for wives through printed ads, said author H. Cocks, a history lecturer at the University of Nottingham, UK.In addition to the standard interests and astrological signs, you can reveal your preferred social setting like Social Butterfly or Home Body and your TV watching habits like Sports Nut and Channel Hopper. Personals offer an essay and the ability to add up to ten photos.Also, as part of your profile creation you will answer questions as to what you are looking for.Not only can you search for free, but once you’ve posted your profile, you can see who has viewed you, a feature not available on most other top sites.From this list, you can see a photo, complete profile and when your profile was viewed. Consider joining, and you will be able to communicate with other members.

Personal ads went mainstream in the early 20th century, with expectations at a much lower level than their earlier incarnations.

This same filter is used to generate Yahoo’s “We Match” results accessed on your home page. You’ll enjoy some amusing personality traits revealed in the profiles and a novel approach to categorizing your matches and communication from members. Personals does not offer as many additional services of the two top-ranked sites, but does have a large pool, which puts it at number three.

You can filter this list by new members, members active in the last 24 hours and online now. e-mail account with information up to three times a week telling you who has viewed your profile, match notifications and new photo posts.

This is one of the largest dating sites, but demographic information is not available from Quantcast separate from the parent site

If you are a Yahoo user, the registration process is quick, otherwise allow a few extra minutes to set up an account with Yahoo! Be patient, the dating profile is detailed and includes preferences not seen anywhere else, which are useful on searches.

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Many of the postings were simply calls for friends or pen pals, becoming especially popular among single servicemen, called "lonely soldiers," during World War I.

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