Updating a dataview

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Reload, it will ask you if the "links to other files should be updated". The same will happen if you close and re-open the spreadsheet.

I’ve attempted to make things as simple to understand at first glance as possible, so I’ll just stop talking and start posting screenshots. ' ' TODO: I should really look into using Labor Hed. Get Native Control Reference("a2f6e795-4ab3-4121-bce4-e1d5f0881b0a"), Epibutton) edv Labor View(edv Labor Hed. Click, Address Of Button C2_Click 'Lunch OUT Remove Handler Button C3.

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To read more about the benefits of using Telerik® UI for ASP. Here are quick links to the control-specific sections of our documentation: Telerik® UI for ASP. If you need further assistance you can post your question in the UI for ASP.

Here’s what it looks like: better than the promon utility!

The first thing I had to accept was that the only way to get these numbers is from the promon utility. So we need to automate and scrape this output: We can dump that output to a file pretty easily.

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