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In the bewildering hours that followed, as she relived her ordeal in a three-hour police interview, one thought crystallised in Priya’s mind.‘I had this lightbulb moment. It has to be,” ’ she recalls.‘Her’ was her husband’s former mistress, Karine Solloway, whom Priya had assumed was finally out of their lives.

For three years, demonstrating incredible restraint, she’d turned a blind eye to Robert’s relationship with the 59-year-old Russian businesswoman.

Now, three years after the affair had ended, she was back and had exacted her revenge in the most terrible way.

She had hired a team of men — among them a fantasist by the name of Paul Prior who claimed to be an ex-SAS hitman — to stage a raid on her former lover’s home.

Married in 1991, the couple settled in Cheshire and took over Robert’s father’s textile business. Ella, 23 runs her own nutrition business; Robbie, 20, is studying at the London School of Economics; and Scarlett, who, despite her ordeal, went on to get three A-grade A-levels, is now also at the LSE studying finance and accounting. ‘I used to tell myself how lucky I was,’ says Priya.We had a big court case going on, money was tight and I was still reeling from the fallout of the affair, as were the children.But we managed to stick together as a family,’ she recalls.He confessed that he had been seeing this Russian woman for a while. I asked him if he loved her and he didn’t reply,’ she recalls.Over the following tortuous hours, Priya found out more.

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