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I am going to format this post a little different to my usual ones. I remember it because it was a Wednesday night and two days later on Friday the 16th was my first session with Governess Ely. To me a milking, is a prostate milking where you don’t need to be released from you cage to release semen from your body. A simple thing like Mistress rubbing her perfect bottom close to my cage will certainly make the cage work. The other thing I do miss is being able to sleep tummy down.

I get asked questions about chastity all the time, and a lot of the time they are the same questions. I arrived already wearing my cage, handed my keys to her and have never looked back. I think this is good for Cum consumption as apparently your still very horny afterwards. Bending over in a tight skirt or jeans/jodhpurs will work just as well. I used to sleep lying with my stomach facing the bed. This is probably;y what I get asked the most in real life rather than on the internet and I always struggle to answer it.

Governess Ely knows that I get horny and she enjoys that thought. If he had the correct ring and spacer combination, he would be fine. Even at the times I have been allowed out the cage for a few hours, I still always sit to pee as its more feminine. Until I am pleasantly reminded by an naughty erection or have to use the toilet. its not entirely the cage why I stopped, Its also the money side of it too.

Sometimes I could hump the wall to get some relief but I enjoy that frustration. I have never had ‘blue balls.’ I personally think its a load of shit, created by someone in chastity who said he “had” to have release because of pain in is balls. The feelings of excitement I get, are better than any orgasm I have had previously. I like the fact that I have to sit, as it adds to my enjoyment of Feminisation. But with plenty of moisturizer daily, its absolutely fine and I really can go hours forgetting its even there. But, then you have to go outside and you realize, how often do you personally just stare at someone groin? I think it may be possible to ride with it on but I haven’t tried.

then i would get a shimmer at the tip, which I would usually just wipe with my finger and lick off. I have also experienced pleasure mixed with incredible emotions and feelings that are so much more intense that squirting some Cum. Its the most exciting thing to know she is enjoying fantastic pleasure in and the ecstasy of an orgasm. If you are in a device, its best advised to sit to pee like a girl. The worst part is the underside of the ring when the skin can chaffe and rub. 🙂 In which case I like to humiliation of the noticeable bulge, making me more sissy than girly. This is a funny one though because when you first start out with chastity, you are convinced in your head that everyone can notice the bulge. I have heard its ok to ride a more touring bike, but on a sports bike, your nut sack is pressed into the tank and that means the cage had to go one side of it or the other.

The only time I ever used to get pre cum, was if i was super insanely horny and and teased myself for ages. Does shooting a load change my feelings towards my Mistress? I have experienced lots of moments of pleasure in the time I have been serving Governess Ely. 🙂 I Love it when Governess Ely tweets something like ‘one more Orgasm before getting out of bed’ or If i happen to know she is with a lover. I almost cant believe I do get asked this but very simply, there is a hole at the end of a chastity tube and you wee though that. In which case they are just going to think you are really well hung and not a little clitty locked up haha! Have you had to give anything up/make changes because of the cage? I have a sports bike (suzuki GSX-R600) and I think it would be very difficult and potentially unsafe to ride it in a cage.

I love the frustration that comes with chastity as well.

They are painful, but the with Governess Ely holding my keys, it means I am suffering for her enjoyment which just turns me on more. The very thought of touching myself really does make me sick to my stomach. In every blog I have written, I never write anything because I think Its what Governess Ely wants me to say.Now with cage on by serving Governess Ely I don’t feel that Pressure at all. Like I said before, there are times when I am so insanely horny I would love an orgasm but when I calm down I don’t miss it.My cage reminds me that I don’t need to feel obliged to try chat up girls as I’m a little sissy with a little clitty, and perfectly happy by that. I have also gained confidence because I am used to looking at and worshiping Governess Ely and she is beautiful. I think some people get a stronger and stronger urge to have an Orgasm whereas I don’t.I hope it will work to answer a lot of basic questions so I can just refer people to this blog. I also want to conclude with a summery type deal, so I can really try and get my point across. Occasionally I would go two or three weeks denied and love the orgasm afterwards.🙂 In no particular order, and just from what I can recall people usually asking me, here we go from the most basic stupidity to the darn right dopey….. Now, consider not only do I have a key holder in the form of Governess Ely, but she is also the most amazing person I have ever known, and I would happily suffer in chastity for her even if i didn’t enjoy, it because I want to please her.

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