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Sometimes the husband supported the household, and sometimes the wife did. The respect and support of one another is what mattered.9.Friendship Is Essential Above all else, these couples are all best friends.Now here’s Fawn to tell you more…* * ** First, that happy marriages are alive and well.The cries of their demise have been highly exaggerated, and couples happily married do indeed exist.* Second, that there are universal truths to happy and successful marriages, and any couple can apply them to create the marriage they always dreamed of but never knew was possible.Once the kids were in high school, they’d want to be left alone anyhow, but the marital relationship would need to continue to grow.11.No Plan B Each couple decided at the outset that they’d have no plan B.

Walk the streets of Mauritius, the historic ruins in Italy, and the vistas of New Zealand and Australia.Each person’s spouse is his or her number one confidant.They all have friends outside of the marriage, but their greatest friendship, the one they’ve spent the most time building over the years, is with their spouse.10.Although I didn’t write this article to give advice, I thought it might be helpful to succinctly relay what I learned throughout this journey.This is all covered by one important approach to life and marriage: happiness is a choice.1.

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Date Your Spouse Regular dates were always a must, even (or perhaps especially) when kids entered the picture.

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