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Belgian media reports suggest one was injured in the head and the other in the hand.

That November, Mohammed got hold of a video containing information on how to manufacture ricin, and days before his arrest he was captured on CCTV buying “acetone free” nail polish from Asda, in the mistaken belief it was a component of TATP.

He told the Old Bailey he sent El-Hassan extremist videos “mainly for the news” and claimed his intention was “to marry her”.

But Mohammed had an arranged marriage in Sudan with a woman he had never met called Fatima, who he was hoping to bring to England on a student visa.

The soldiers were on patrol at the time of the stabbing.

A man with a machete attacked soldiers on patrol in #Brussels centre, now shot dead.

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The soldiers fired at him and neutralised the individual." A spokesperson for the federal prosecutor's office confirmed the suspect had been killed. Brussels has been on high alert since a series of suicide bombings at the city's airport and on its metro system killed 32 people in March 2016.

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