Cbs rejects gay dating site ad

“As always, we are open to working with the client on alternative submissions.”Sources said the network felt the site was using the tried-and-true tactic of generating free publicity by submitting a Super Bowl ad they knew was likely to be rejected and was ultimately unwilling to pay for.A Man Crunch representative denied that the ad was a marketing ploy and called CBS’ decision discriminatory.“We’re 100 percent serious,” said rep Elissa Buchter. If the ad showed a man and woman kissing, it would have been accepted.CBS' sales department also said they couldn't credit the site and guarantee payment of the estimated .5 million it would cost to air the ad.Other sources say Man knew CBS would reject them and were just looking for publicity.The site's spokesperson said "We're 100% serious." They spent 0,000 on the ad and raised million from investors, she added. CBS has decided it will not air an advertisement from gay dating website Man during Feb. The ad depicts two football-watching men sharing a passionate kiss after their hands touch while reaching into a bowl of potato chips.Rachel Larris Funny that even though CBS changed their policy towards advocacy ads they rejected an ad for a gay dating website saying it "is not within the Network's Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday." The network shot down the commercial Friday in a letter to the site — Man — saying the "creative is not within the Network’s Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday." Also the network said its sales department had difficulty verifying the credit of the site to guarantee payment of the estimated .5 million cost to air the ad."After reviewing the ad – which is entirely commercial in nature – our Standards and Practices department decided not to accept this particular spot," said CBS in a statement.

The company has rejected an ad from the United Church of Christ five years ago which featured a gay couple, citing that they do not allow advocacy ads.Man, however, claims that’s not the case.“Man Crunch not only had the money to pay for the spot, they even offered CBS a cash advance,” the company stated.“If the ad doesn’t air on the Super Bowl, it will air on another network.It’s not like it plays like Adam Lambert [kissing another man on the AMAs].”CBS was rocked by controversy when it accepted a pro-life Super Bowl ad from conservative group Focus on the Family and announced it was relaxing its standards on accepting “advocacy” ads.

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