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If the show doesn't last, may it's legacy do so.Kenneth Randall Flowers passed away Friday, February 9, 2018 in Round Rock, Texas . James Warren Deats, age 91, known as “Chic” to his friends, died peacefully on February 10, 2018, with family at his side, after a long struggle with dementia.In 1971, James and Velma realized a lifelong dream when they moved into a home in Hill Country Village that James largely built himself.He was determined to and did remain in that home until his death.A graveside service will be held Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at Llano City Cemetery at P. A memorial service will be held at San Pedro Presbyterian Church at a time to be determined later.Born September 8, 1933 in Knoxville, Tennessee, to Harry L.

He was an avid bridge player, a hobby he passed on to both his sons.Imagine a girl like her in previous decades of teen-dom.Her attitude toward peer pressure is close to the one I had when I was in high school (.now feel even stronger about), as is her Dad's seething resentment toward the people who robbed him of the "joy of youth."Long live Daria.He took a job with Otis Elevator, working for Otis until his retirement in 1990.He placed elevators in operation in buildings throughout San Antonio and Texas, including the original elevators in the Tower of Americas in 1968.

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