Stop dating a married man

She'd just sit there with her earphones in taking selfies and I'd have to shout her name just to get her to look at me.'But he became suspicious when she lost her engagement ring and started making friends and going out more.

Mr Sheppard, who married his first wife in 1966, then went into her room and noticed she had taken all of her luggage with her.

Some of them pushed off the handle poles to kick Jones from the air.He had previously been told by the Home Office that Filipino Cristel could not remain in the UK and she would have to go home.The great-grandfather now thinks she was in another relationship and he has called the Border Agency to tip them off because she could be in the UK illegally.But I thought it was for the best I phoned the police and the Border Agency just in case she was trying to stay illegally.'The couple met in Thailand in 2015 and he said at the time: 'This one is real love. I promise.' Cristel said that she 'knows what it looks like' but insisted she was not using Mr Sheppard to get a visa and remain in Britain.Despite his bad fortune, Mr Sheppard is still convinced he will get married for the ninth time and believes his true love is 'still out there'.

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With divorce number six behind him, he met seventh wife Wan in Bangkok in 2003 during a trip to visit an old friend.

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