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films - but might have to give way to his stunt doubles if a series got picked up.

"I had a pre-existing knee injury that got exacerbated on the last film," he explained.

We are making sure that our content really aligns with that audience more than ever before.

The second thing is, as one of the only services that's focused purely on advertising, we want to make sure that we have the best advertising experience possible, so that consumers continue to use the service when there are plenty of other choice that are not ad supported in the marketplace. We already had about half the ad load of TV across our products on the service already.

It's really long-form and watching longer: rolling from episode to episode through binge or movie to movie. Mobile is a gateway, a remote control and fills in the blanks.

I'm on the mend."But if it gets picked up as a series, maybe we'll have to get in the stunt guys - because there'd be a lot of injures across the course of a full season!

"We have a development slate that we feel can rival any ad-supported network." Berger echoed those comments during a lengthy interview with Adweek just a few days before the Netflix news was announced.

When asked at the time about the possibility of Seinfeld taking Comedians in Cars elsewhere, Berger said, "We love the show, and it has been a signature for Crackle, but I think the great part is, it's a portfolio now.

It's not like a few years ago, where we didn't have that portfolio of all the slate of dramas and the comedies that we have.

We're working with a lot of big talent show that we never did before.

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We have more data and direct contact with customers than ever before, and game consoles are a big piece of that.

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