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Only 28% of respondents said the media were very biased in Yeltsin's favor--a group that consisted mostly of Zyuganov's partisans.

Twenty-nine percent said the media were "somewhat biased," but they broke in Yeltsin's favor.

Russia was on its way to going extinct—but about 3-5% of the population (plus or minus 3%) was making out like bandits. Enter the “political technologists”—Americans led by Dick Morris’ former partner Richard Dresner, and Russians at advertising behemoth Video International, led by Mikhail Lesin and former KGB spy Mikhail Margelov — who took credit for pulling off a credible stolen election for Boris Yeltsin.

Time magazine wound up crediting the Americans with “Rescuing Boris,” which was turned into a B-movie, “Spinning Boris,” directed by "Turner & Hootch"'s Roger Spottiswoode.

His insights into the strategic thinking behind the Kremlin's "information wars" are often sharp and illuminating; and yet there's always been something glaringly absent in Pomerantsev's writings.

Not so much what he puts in, but all that he leaves out. as if Pomerantsev has been aping the very sort of "avant-garde" Kremlin political technologies he's been scaring the Ed Royces of the world with.

The most popular comical novel of the late 1990s/early 2000s, Viktor Pelevin’s “Generation ‘P’”, tells the story of a second-rate poet who goes from selling vodka in a Moscow kiosk in the early 1990s, to working as an advertising copywriter and "political technologist" in the belly of Russia's PR industry beast.

As Dresner had advised it in a memo to the Yeltsin Team: In the end, Yeltsin won by old school fraud — in Chechnya, for example, where Yeltsin’s war had killed 40,000 people and displaced half the population, elections showed 1,000,000 Chechens voted (even though less than half a million adults remained in Chechnya at the time of voting), and that 70% of them voted for Yeltsin, their exterminator."We focus-grouped the issue several times," says Shumate.The results were contained in a June 7 wrap-up memo on TV coverage.Glaring omissions of context, that had me start to question if Pomernatsev wasn't manipulating the reader by poaching the rhetoric of leftist critical analysis, and putting it to use for very different, neocon purposes . And then of course there's the larger nagging question—what the Hell is a presumed journalist/writer like Pomerantsev, who claims to have been most influenced by literary figures like Christopher Isherwood, doing lobbying the US and UK governments to pass bills upping psychological warfare budgets and imposing sanctions on foreign countries?Where does the independent critical analysis stop, and the manipulative lobbying begin?

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