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Hopefully the history will not repeat itself this time and we will finaly get our payout. t you realize that you become the slave of whatever you choose to obey?

You can be a slave to sin, which leads to death, or you can choose to obey God, which leads to righteous living The 17 for 1 offer has nothing to do with the stress test itself.

They have to much power and control over the masses and people. So it seams to be the same old story everytime we get close to the finish line that something comes up that makes a new delay and at the same time there are new bonus offers.

Then we head to New York City for the face to face.I just hope that the Banks do not come up with any new surprise after the simulations are completed."being that I read on the latest update that we can still buy more shares (EMS) I wanted a few more and wanted to know if there is any other form of payment we can access to buy shares.the guy here who takes our payments takes double to the amount listed in the site. It's time for EMS to bring this to a close they are running out of excuses it's time for them to get the job done and focuss on a payout rather than building monuments. When it comes to Imperia Invest IBC the information coming from the Wayne's and other peoples too is very questionable and suspicious as back in the day I was part of a large downline from here in America to date despite Wayne saying that thousands of packages have been confirmed over the years none of this large down line have received a package members of this large downline keep in regular contact with other downlines to and they have not received either.EMS/HCI will probably execute a payout next year if all goes well with the simulations hopefully they have a smooth and uninterrupted process with the simulations.It would be good if EMS would close off soon and stop coming up with lame excuses to extend the program it is time to shut the doors and execute a payout for next year most investors are running out of patience with EMS/HCI some have been in this for about 10 years.

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There are correspondent banking problems in that off-shore jurisdiction that inhibit or preclude international transactions?

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