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I rebooted and that cleared the "disabled" warning and just left the Question Mark telling me updates failed.That worked fine for about a few hours but now it has just said it's disabled again (and it really isn't). In my task manager I have and Vet I think that's all of them. I got the same error message at first as posted above, about failing to update.By") h Acx Ftp Scan (inurl:/shop.cgi/page=) | (inurl:/ allinurl:"index.php" "site=sglinks" allinurl:install/allinurl:intranet admin filetype:cgi inurl:"fileman.cgi" filetype:cgi inurl:"Web_Store.cgi" filetype:php inurl:v Authenticate filetype:pl intitle:"Ultraboard Setup" Gallery in configuration mode Hassan Consulting's Shopping Cart Version 1.18 intext:"Warning: * am able * write ** configuration file" "includes/configure.php" - intitle:"Gateway Configuration Menu" intitle:"Horde :: My Portal" -"[Tickets" intitle:"Mail Server CMail Server Webmail" "5.2" intitle:"Mv Blog powered" intitle:"Remote Desktop Web Connection" intitle:"Samba Web Administration Tool" intext:"Help Workgroup" intitle:"Terminal Services Web Connection" intitle:"Uploader - Uploader v6" intitle:os Commerce inurl:admin intext:"redistributable under the GNU" intext:"Online Catalog" -demo -site:intitle:php My Admin "Welcome to php My Admin ***" "running on * as [email protected]*" intitle:php My Admin "Welcome to php My Admin ***" "running on * as [email protected]*" inurl:"/NSearch/Admin Servlet" inurl:"index.php?forums db path error SQL syntax error Supplied argument is not a valid Postgre SQL result warning "error on line" php sablotron Windows 2000 web server error messages "ftp://" " "html allowed" guestbook : v Bulletin Version 1.1.5" "Select a database to view" intitle:"filemaker pro" "set up the administrator user" inurl:pivot "There are no Administrators Accounts" inurl:-mysql_fetch_row "Welcome to Administration" "General" "Local Domains" "SMTP Authentication" inurl:admin "Welcome to Intranet" "Welcome to PHP-Nuke" congratulations "Welcome to the Prestige Web-Based Configurator" "Ya BB SE Dev Team" "you can now password" | "this is a special page only seen by you.(I only have the EZ AV, not the armor suite)Interesting, as my e Trust did not update lastnight and this morning either. But more interesting, now this evening, Internet Explorer has opened up 2 times today to direct me to the e Trust site, indicating that my subscription has expired.However, when viewing the e Trust help section, it shows I don't expire until 02/02/2007. Even more strange, my key was generated in August of 2005 and I didn't install the software until late December.t/users.txt" inurl:"editor/list.asp" | inurl:"database_editor.asp" | inurl:"login.asa" "are set" inurl:"GRC.

so I install the new version, which after TELLING me it's up-to-date will NOT function, saying the 'engine version' and 'virus signature update' are both missing ... so, why would an A/V product decide to shut itself off because it can't snag the latest update ? anyone else see this bahavior, or am I the only lucky winner ......

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