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And yes, these bits of advice apply to both women and men.

And yes, who am I to be giving advice about what people look like. But we all respond initially to appearance, so a few basics are worth keeping in mind. (The primary photo is the one that pops up in the array of all the other people on that page.) If your primary photo is fabulous and the others are not, you're setting yourself up for those viewing you to be disappointed as they scroll through the other pictures, and therefore for you to be disappointed.

A woman wastes her alcoholic energy beverage for the purposes of seduction (left).

Sometimes it is important to get back to basics in the over-50 dating game.

The I’m Going to Wear a Garbage Bag Profile Picture “” Says no female ever. Maybe he was banking on showing off his wood paneling? Online Dating Profile Pic Advice #1: Don’t take your profile pic selfie in your closet. But unless you're looking for a very quirky sort of date, Russia might be the very place to look.A collection of bizarre and hilarious dating profile pictures has been collated by and they couldn't be further from the stereotype of the dashing hero straight from the pages of Dostoyevsky or the blonde supermodel you might hope to meet.First let me make perfectly clear that zero of these were from – for one all of our members are way too smart to have something like the below as their profile pic, and also we would never put our members on display like this.With that out of the way, the purpose of this post is two-fold: first off, it’s to make you laugh. If you just facepalmed, don’t feel left out – I’ve had my face in my palm the entire time I’ve been uploading these crazy pictures and putting this gamer dating post together. Profile pictures are a powerful force in the world of online dating, but the biggest travesty you can have is not posting one at all (okay, that’s second worst – the worst is using one of the above). Did you know at LFGdating, members who post a profile picture are infinitely times more likely to receive profile views than members without a profile picture? We hope you’ve enjoyed the hilarious online dating profile pics – we have lots more great content to come!

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Different body types are wonderful, and most people are fine with dating folks of varying shapes and sizes.

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