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Gorgeous Guerlain - wonderful on my husband, but I really love it on me - also lasts a good 8 hours.

Dreamy, slightly Eau de Shalimar, a bit of vanilla and powder..don’t think this isn’t suitable for men because it sounds so pretty..absolutely is. I do not find this masculine at all, it is very feminine to me, and on me I'm afraid I can only say that it does smell like you are backstage in old ladies dressing room or hairdressers.

I think it is possibly the worst fragrance I have ever worn, joint 1st place with the Sex Pistols fragrance, which was pure vile and offensive.

I would like to try something more masculine from Guerlain, as this house does seem quite unique to me, so I may try Vetiver at some point. ) It SHOULD be a damned mess, but it's genius instead.

The fragrance has a very unique evolution during the various stages and is undoubtedly very enjoyable.

It projects heavily for a couple of hours and you get a sillage of 4~5 feet.

The sophisticated heart is composed of flowers, precious woods with a warm touch of cinnamon.

أجل إن عطر Habit rouge القديم بعيد كل البعد عن هذا ، أعتبره واحد من ابداعات ساحر العطور جيرلان الذي ترك بصمة قوية في عالم العطور عبر القارات الخمس .Online shops offers: uk 3 items for 34.13 - 58.50 2 items for 36.95 - 51.75 GBPPerfume Click 2 items for 38.85 - 59.10 GBPEscentual 2 items for 50.50 - 70.00 GBPView products...Habit Rouge is a classic fragrance for men which was launched in 2003.Congratulations to Jean Paul Guerlain for this work of art.I bought a flask of Habit Rouge EDT about 5 months ago and only now I feel at ease to try a review. Again we may conclude that this is a high quality fragrance.

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