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Just as I used to do as a ­little girl, my daughter has written a wish list to Santa and is confidently expecting him to wiggle down the chimney with a sack bulging with goodies ranging from a violin to Silly Bandz, the ubiquitous rubber bracelets all the rage among young girls.

We were singing along to carols in the car and when it came to the last verse of In The Bleak Mid­winter I made her listen to the bit that involves the poor man with nothing to give other than his heart.

Of course, to some struggling to pay even basic household bills, this may all sound like another self-pitying whinge from someone who once had it all.

But I guess the point is that still — despite the recession — many of us feel under more pressure than ever before to create a perfect Christmas.

I discovered excellent deals like giant Toblerones for under £1 — but still, it was not the place to fill an entire stocking.

Yet even the most reasonable of places, like Asda, no longer seem that cheap.

Less than five years ago, Christmas for me meant leisurely afternoons in Harrods ­buying a pretty embroidered cushion, some bath oil and a toy or two here, some smoked salmon and a box of chocolates there.

Five years ago, I earned £1,200 a week from my work as a TV and film producer and would have thought nothing of spending £45 on a pot of gold-lidded lusciously scented body cream as a Christmas present for a distant cousin.

And another tried to save money by buying her son cheap trainers, only to be advised by her daughter that he would not be seen dead in anything other than the latest Nikes.But the truth is I’m just too squeamish about disappointing my children in the short term — even though in the long term I would probably be doing them an enormous favour.QIP Holder, LLC, doing business as Quiznos, is a franchised fast-food restaurant brand based in Denver, Colorado that specializes in offering toasted submarine sandwiches.It was founded in 1981 by Jimmy Lambatos and sold to Rick and Richard Schaden ten years later, before growing to nearly 5,000 restaurants afterwards.As of late 2013, the chain had about 1,500 domestic locations and about 600 international locations.

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According to Kevin Jenkins, "It was there that recipes for Quiznos special baguette-style bread, special dressings and unique recipes were created." According to Patrick Sweeney, "The sandwich shop earned a following for its toasted subs that Lambatos said were inspired by the oven-baked sandwiches he enjoyed while growing up in New York." Lambatos said of his decision to toast the submarine sandwiches at the first Quiznos that, "it's a signature type of thing.

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