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She thinks she may be over the top with her obsessional behaviour disorder getting the better of her, i told her i dont think so.. personally if he's that bad at the beginning of a's just going to get worse. then say can you pick up the hygiene, because my idea of personal grooming is really high and im sorry if this too much for you... If someone's personal hygiene is that bad then I would find it offensive and be just as offensive back.and that she she should tell him, ( he's already thinking he cant do anything right, lol. most people try to look good for their S/O when first dating..he already doesn't give a's going to go from bad to course he is thinking this... There is no nice way to tell people they stink so better just to come out with it.Sorry i fully agree with msg 7 soap and water is in everyones bathroom... and we're all shown how to use them as children why should it change when your an adult!!! Good personal hygiene is not a lot to ask for and if she's that bothered about offending him tell her to suggest that they share an intimate shower!!!! In general, ladies have a very good sense of smell.So good, in fact, that if we are around an unpleasant aroma it will completely zap our train of thought.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.

when I was at college , there was this girl who stank really bad , for christmas we gave her a bar of soap , a sponge , bubble bath and a detailed instruction sheet on how to use them !!!

The headteacher took it upon herself to have a quiet word with her and , after taking a few days off because she felt so embarrassed , she then returned to work a much nicer smelling person who now takes more pride in herself In our staff washroom we have a pretty wicker basket full of lovely scented soaps , hand creams and body sprays which we all contribute to and are happy to use should we choose to ( or if we stink of sweat)k this is ,my point here,,, Ive just takin a shower as our weather here is very humid right now,, so showering couple times a day these days,,, to cool off for one! 6mins,,,shampoo rinseconditioner rinsebuff puff full of nice body wash and its not expensive either,, all washed rinsed right down to my peticured toes LOL so moral of this story is this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dont be lazy,, smell good look fresh,,, for you and the people around you!

ls I work as an infection control advisor so telling them that at the beginning of the relationship tends to help!

there is absoultly no reason,,,,,,,for poor hygene ,,, soap and h2o works wonders! O , she'd leave a trail of her sweaty stench as she walked the corridors at school.

None of us would pluck up the courage to say something as she was a shy and sensitive person but it seriously did become a problem .

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I agree with Pants, if your friend is comfortable enough to have a sexual relationship with this man then she should be able to discuss hygiene with him.

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