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It cannot, indeed, be denied that those sodalities are, by their spirit and entire organization, better equipped than other confraternities to make their members not only loyal Catholics but also true lay apostles for the salvation and blessing of all around them. Consequently these sodalities are described below in detail separately from the others.

In the course of time other pious Church societies sprang from the Sodalities of the Blessed Virgin Mary, or were quickened by these to new zeal and fruitful labours, e.g. All sodalities, pious associations , and confraternities may be divided into three classes, although those classes are not absolutely distinct from one another.

Pious associations of this kind, however, soon appeared, which were solely under the bishop and had no close connexion with an order.

(3) There is no special confraternity in honour of the Heavently Father.

There is, however, an "Archconfraternity of the Most Holy Name of God and of the Most Holy Name of Jesus ".

The first class, A, includes the confraternities, which seek mainly to attain piety, devotion, and the increase of love of God by special veneration of God, of the Blessed Virgin, the angels, and the saints.

The second class, B, consists of those sodalities which are founded chiefly to promote the spiritual and corporal works of mercy .

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