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THIRD: A person takes a small amount of methylfolate and feels all the methylfolate side effects right out the gate.

Gain a deeper understanding about L-Methylfolate: Why does methylfolate create such an amazing week and then create such severe side effects so soon after?

You can get them separately or in a combination Hydroxocobalamin and Folinic acid lozenge. Some are more educated in nutritional biochemistry than others. ) because I am being told that “the mutation you have doesn’t affect methylation” and as far as i am concerned, it sure does!

The lozenge allows you to cut it into smaller pieces, easier to use as you don’t have to swallow a pill and more importantly, it allows you to dissolve the nutrients slowly which has the benefit of getting into your system better. It allows you to remove the lozenge from your mouth if you’re not getting desirable effects – ie side effects.

Video EEG monitoring is occasionally necessary to capture events to enable definitive determination of whether they are seizures and to further characterize them.

Provoked seizures are treated with relief of the provoking factor. However, AEDs may be required to treat unprovoked seizures of new onset in patients at high risk for seizure recurrence or when a second seizure can have devastating psychosocial effects.

Understanding seizure type provides useful information even when the epilepsy syndrome cannot be classified.

If you experience any of the above methylfolate side effects, I highly recommend you discuss it with your physician and get your dose of methylfolate reduced significantly or stopped for a week or two before reintroducing it.

UPDATE November 25, 2014There are “If I cannot tolerate methylfolate or methylcobalamin, what forms of each could I tolerate? If this is the case, perhaps you need to just stop taking any form of folate and B12 for a while.

It has to do with methylation, pre-existing inflammation and other genetic mutations which exist yet you’ve no idea they do.

This gets complicated quickly so I am going to keep it simple.

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The only down side they experience is why didn’t they know about methylfolate before?!

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