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Upon seeing a medical professional, Lerina was clear of any drugs or alcohol in her system, as well as any injuries to her head. After going back to her apartment, she was surprised to see her ex-boyfriend, Miguel.

What was happening to her had nothing to do with substance abuse or concussion. He was in her home and greeted her like he owned the place, even though the two separated months ago. After the split that Lerina remembered having with Miguel, she started seeing another man.

Lerina Garcia, to this day, is still living (according to her) in the wrong world.

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Whether you believe in it is your right, but her story is compelling either way.

Lerina Garcia (40-something) woke up to a different world than the one she went to sleep in the night before.

Lerina checked the employee directory, and her name was listed in a department she never worked in.

The southern end of Kingsland Road is home to an engaging strip of over 20 Vietnamese restaurants that draws a buzzy crowd of students, couples, foodies and fashionistas every weekend, writes Telegraph Travel's Nigel Tisdall.

The man didn’t ever live at the house Lerina remembered. According to theory, Lerina is just remembering certain things in her life incorrectly, with something getting lost in translation as events start storing as memories.

She was mistaking her department, her breakup, and the missing boyfriend due to some disturbance in her brain’s activity.

Miguel had an affair and the two broke up after a seven year relationship. According to him, he never cheated on her, and they’d never broken up. He lived in the same area, was once divorced, and had a young son from his first marriage.

When Lerina brought this up while asking Miguel what he was doing in her home, he had no idea what she was talking about. When she didn’t believe him, he showed her his closet in the bedroom, full of his clothes. However, when Lerina attempted to visit his home, another person inhabited his house, and claimed to have lived there for quite some time.

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