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Therefore, an individual’s BAC on any given occasion may be slightly different than the tables show.Gender Inequality Women become intoxicated more quickly than men, even when body weights are the same. First, soon after consumption, alcohol rapidly spreads throughout the water in a drinker’s body, and men’s bodies have a greater percentage of water by volume.The fact is that none of these strategies sober up a drunk person faster.Nothing sobers someone up except time -- lots of time.There is a definite impairment of muscle coordination and driving skills. Lack of sensor-motor coordination and impaired balance are typical.Decreased sensory responses and increased reaction times develop.If a woman drinks the same amount as a man, the effect is similar to pouring the same amount of alcohol into a smaller pail of water.Women also have lower levels of activity in the alcohol-metabolizing enzyme, , in the stomach.

In most states, a BAC of .10% is considered legally drunk.

Drinkers have increased pain threshold and lack of muscular coordination. BAC = .25-.30 = Drinkers display general inertia, near total loss of motor functions, little response to stimuli, inability to stand or walk, vomiting, and incontinence.

Drinkers stagger or lose the ability to walk and have slurred speech. Drinkers may lose consciousness or fall into a stupor. BAC = .30-.50 = Symptoms are complete unconsciousness, depressed or absent reflexes, subnormal body temperature, incontinence, and impairment of circulation and respiration. BACs of .45% and higher are fatal to nearly all individuals.

This means that more alcohol is metabolized in the stomachs of men before being absorbed into the bloodstream than in the stomachs of women.

The end result is that more alcohol passes directly into the bloodstream of women.

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