Da brat who is she dating

It’s also a dead give away that you live in some part of the northern Midwest.

This is where a lot of Wisconsinites go on vacation, go camping or go to hunt and fish.

No offense, but that’s probably where I’ve heard it the most!

The nice waitress comes up to the table and says “what can I get for yous guys today? Well, so are you when you ask for a “brat” instead of bratwurst for “supper”.

For example – the way we use the word “interesting.” Instead of saying “I don’t like that chicken booyah”, we might say, “Dat’s some Speaking of interesting, there’s actually some pretty hardcore research behind the language of America’s Dairyland.

The Wisconsin Englishes Project (WEP), is a group of faculty, staff, and students around Wisconsin who study our unique language patterns.

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We’re simply trying to make it seem like the favor is no big deal.

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