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We often think that flirting with our spouse has to mean bringing flowers, sending love notes and sexy lingerie. Check out this video for a fun flirting idea (something fun my husband and I spontaneously did together)! And, alternatively, share with him what makes you feel loved!Sure those things are nice, but that doesn’t have to be all that flirting is. Flirting is about knowing what makes your spouse smile. WATCH THE VIDEO: Here’s the real question: What makes your husband feel loved? So often (especially when we’ve been married for a while) we need inspiring ways to say I love to our spouses.Or even little things like letting him know you’re praying for him can go a long way.8) Love Notes. This post has lots of fun spins on the love note idea! Sometimes I stop to give my husband a hug while I’m making dinner.

A “just thinking of you” text in the middle of the day is always awesome. Sometimes I put a quick love note in my husband’s suitcase if he’s traveling, or I put them on his desk in our home office.I always joke with him, “You smell too good to leave this house.” Speaking of that…6) Enjoy Being Sexual Together. It’s not about comparing ourselves to other couples.Married sex is also not about lust, but about connection. Can I suggest these posts as places to get more perspective on the very sensitive (but so important) topic of married sex?Discover that and you’ll feed the fire of sexual intimacy as an awesome extra!Let’s talk more about what flirting (that doesn’t lead to sex) can look like.

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