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Upon removal of the sound-producing device, an impounded vehicle shall be returned to its owner upon payment of the reasonable costs of impounding costs of impounding the vehicle and removing the sound-producing device.

Radios, Phonographs, Loud Speakers, Amplifiers and Similar Devices.

For some unknown reason, my heart will start racing, making it hard for me to breathe. This happens when I come up on this area and I'm fine after I pass it. Most people can sense—on some level—energy that is from the surrounding environment.

Be careful though — how you respond in one situation may be different from how you respond in another situation. 71 may be haunted (or it could have collected a large amount of negative energy) due to all the fatal car wrecks.

If the sound-producing device is sold by the police department, all proceeds of the sale shall be retained by the Village.

In all other respects, the seized sound-producing device shall be treated in substantially the manner provided in Sections 973.075(3), 973.076 and 973.077, Wis.

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