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If your running serious power this is the tuner That should be in your shack. There are no cheap meters (in fact there are no meters at all) but its not a problem.

I used an SWR analyzer to set it up and have a reflected power bar graph in my amp.

This enables us to really get to know our members and their relationship wishes — allowing us to introduce the best matches.

Of course, the significant test of a tuner working with a relatively short dipole is whether it will load the system on 160 meters. It's very light weight and moves around a bit when turning the inductor.

This tuner does, almost without losses, so that nearly all power is presented to the antenna! So I fixed mine by putting better rubber feet to fixs this minor issue.

Similarly to Sound Hound and Shazam, Musixmatch Lyrics also offers the ability to identify songs and lyrics being played on the radio or any other audio source, simply by having you hold your phone up to the speaker.

This app can be used with Android Wear devices, and includes support for Chromecast.

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It also features a Sound Hound-like feature of song identification, but it doesn't work quite as well as its competitors' ID features.

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  1. The Mi Box uses conventional plastic buttons for everything, and not many of them: a directional pad with center select button, home and back buttons, a voice command button, volume up and down, and power.