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He contends that part of the shift is rooted in the growth of access to the Internet: Modern teens can connect with each other through social media, so there's less of a need to get together by driving to popular hangouts or by cruising. When we asked people (in a new national survey of young adults without a license) when they planned to get a driver's license, 21.5% of all respondents said never; 35.4% of those aged 30-39 said never."I believe that a large part of the drop is permanent," says Sivak, who was one of the first researchers to document the trend. That tells us that a large part of the drop we see is permanent." BLAME THE ECONOMY Other researchers, including Robert Foss, director of the Center for the Study of Young Drivers at the University of North Carolina, maintain that the recent recession simply had a greater impact on young drivers than others.It represented freedom, independence, the first big step into adulthood and a response to the call of the open road.The perception was that kids who didn't have a license at 16 either were really bad drivers or really, really uncool. Today, many teenagers are deciding to wait to get their driver's licenses, a shift documented in several recent studies.

"I just felt like she needed to wait a little bit for the amount of traffic on the roads around here," says Julianne Mc Nulty, who works in the marketing department of a trade association. Another factor was the cost of car insurance and gas." Emily was almost 18 when she started driving.

The database is maintained by the Federal Highway Administration.

"There's a systematic bias in there that leads them to count fewer and fewer teens as actually licensed." he says.

"Being able to connect over any kind of social media with your friends was a huge factor," she says.

"You can put off meeting (face to face) for days and weeks.

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