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[90] The court held that the plain language of the Wire Act was limited to gambling on a sporting event or related contest. [94] Some have pointed to section 1084(d) and its reference to "common carriers" within the jurisdiction of the Federal Communications Commission to support the argument that "wire communication facility" is limited to telephone companies. ., the official position as expressed by the Justice Department [during the Clinton Administration] and several state attorneys general is to treat the Wire Act as applying broadly and covering all forms of Internet gaming." [98] End notes: [57] See Sporting Events – Transmission of Bets, Wagers, and Related Information Act, Pub.

2001) ("it mattered only that Cohen knowingly committed the deeds forbidden by 1084, not that he intended to violate the statute"). [83] Moreover, the Congressional debates on this legislation concerned the bill's impact on "horse racing and other sporting events."[84] Congress' use of these different terms reflect its knowledge of the various forms of gambling, including traditional casino games or games of chance and specifically limited the Wire Act's application to sporting events or related contests.[85] This is evident from the statement of United States Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona as he introduced the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act of 1997. [86] Specifically, Senator Kyl stated that the bill was necessary, because "[i]t dispels any ambiguity by making it clear that all betting, including sports betting, is illegal. Extracted from: Internet Gambling in Nevada: Overview of Federal Law Affecting Assembly Bill 466, Courtesy of Liebert Publishing, Gambling Law Review In 1961, Congress enacted the Wire Act [57]as a part of series of antiracketeering laws. The Wire Act complements other federal bookmaking statutes, such as the Travel Act (interstate travel in aid of racketeering enterprises, including gambling), the Interstate Transportation of Wagering Paraphernalia Act, and the Illegal Gambling Business Act (requires a predicate state law violation).

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