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Pointing to his head, Mr Atique said: 'She was bleeding here. It's horrible, I was crying too.'Ms George said she had marks around her wrists, bruising on her back and hip, a broken inner lip and a huge lump above her eye as a result of the alleged attack. My neck wasn't able to move, turn left, right, up or down,' she told Sunday Night.

Mr Atique said the actress explained what had happened to her, but he struggled to explain it in English, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The Paris’ Court decision consisting of a shared custody of our young children was based on very long and various social workers investigations as well as psychologic examinations.

This decision was ruled by the Judge who considered only the best interest of our children.

Last month, a judge convicted both of them of assault and ruled it impossible to determine who started the fight, as both showed injuries.

Horrific photographs showing Melissa George's bruised face after her ex-partner allegedly slammed her head into a metal coat rack during an argument have been released.

'She's a very nice person,' he said, adding he wasn't aware of who she was because he does not watch English television programmes or movies. So I didn't sign it, and to this day I still never signed that contract.'Ms George also claimed she received text messages from Mr Blanc saying: 'You're destroying my baby by breastfeeding him...

Speaking to Channel Seven reporter Steve Pennells, Ms George described an alleged contract she was given after her relationship with Mr Blanc became official.'I got given a contract by a lawyer in Paris that said that in case of a separation, we must fight in France,' she said.'(The contract said that) if we have boys, they must be circumcised, they must be brought up in the Jewish religion ... You need to put your boobs in a bag.'She said she suspected Mr Blanc was hiring private detectives to follow her around Paris, 'planting' people to 'disturb her'.'I get very paranoid. There's a few people that just are planted to disturb me, that I see. Daily Mail Australia has contacted a lawyer for Jean David Blanc for comment.

In September, Ms George was admitted to Cochin Hospital after turning up to a local police station with bruises and complaints of pain.

She was allegedly suffering from bruising to her face and said she was in pain and feeling faint.

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