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Attn: Executive Resolution Department 9700 NW 112 Ave.Miami, Fl 33178 Customers visiting the official Straight Talk website have access to all the information relating to the services.

Phone customers: 1-8777-430-2355 SIM card customers: 1-855-222-2355 Customers that want to send detailed correspondence to Straight Talk can send mail to: Straight Talk, Inc.I recently shipped an item through the United States Postal Service and the package was lost.But I had the tracking information, which was not working.To make a long story short, I could not get a real person on the phone to help me with the situation. SORRY FOR THOSE IN THE COMMENTS SAYING IT DOESN’T WORK. IF YOU SEE A GOOGLE SNIPPET WITH THE ZERO METHOD, GOOGLE IS INCORRECTLY SHOWING THE CORRECT METHOD. The call-back message seems to usually say ‘about 40 minutes’, but it only takes a couple of minutes to do the steps above to get there.All I heard were repeated automated messages, which were not helpful. I ONLY KEEP THAT TEXT HERE BECAUSE OF THE HIGH RANKING IN GOOGLE AND TRAFFIC THIS PAGE GETS. I CAN’T CONTROL WHAT GOOGLE DISPLAYS IN SNIPPETS BECAUSE THEY ARE SCRAPING CONTENT LIKE MINE TO DISPLAY AS THIER OWN. And thank you for commenting and keeping me updated when these strategies stop working.

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