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If you have an employment contract with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and are eligible to select a private health insurance, you can choose from a list of possible insurers.As a fellow or for other purposes you can either bring sufficient health insurance coverage from your home country or conclude a contract with a German insurance company.

165994MF), a private party toxic tort action, the plaintiffs seek damages for personal injuries and property damage alleged to have occurred beginning in 1956 and continuing to the present time. Relying on the “manifestation of loss” rule articulated by our Supreme Court in a first-party insurance case (Prudential–LMI Com. I.“CONTINUOUS INJURY TRIGGER”We begin our analysis, as always, with the language of the contract of insurance. We are called upon to decide whether four comprehensive general liability (CGL) policies issued by Admiral Insurance Company to Montrose Chemical Corporation obligate Admiral to defend Montrose in lawsuits seeking damages for personal injuries and property damage allegedly caused by Montrose's disposal of hazardous wastes at times predating the inception of Admiral's policies. Mack, New York City, Hufstedler, Kaus & Ettinger, John P. Metzner, Los Angeles, Wiley, Rein & Fielding, Thomas W. Ramsey, San Francisco, as amici curiae on behalf of defendant and respondent. According to the complaint, the property damage allegedly occurred beginning in 1956 and continues to the present time. We therefore reverse a summary judgment granted in favor of Admiral. We hold that Admiral's CGL policies provide coverage for bodily injuries and property damage which “occurred” during each policy period and that bodily injuries and property damage which are continuous and progressive throughout successive policy periods are covered by all policies in effect during those periods.

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