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A new series of The Crown claims that there was underlying tension between the Queen and Jackie Kennedy - because the royal was jealous of the First Lady's flirtations with Prince Philip.At the heart of the spectacular new series of the Netflix-original drama, which chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth, lies a visit from Jackie Kennedy that allegedly sent the Queen into a jealous fury with her husband.Caroline Kennedy (centre), daughter of President John F.Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy (left), wipes a tear from her eye at a ceremony dedicating a memorial to her father.Both women love animals and nature so they get talking about that and find some common ground.The first is a ‘stranger look’ – he’s checking you out because you’re a human being who’s passed into his line of vision.The relationship between the Queen and First Lady gets off on the wrong foot, even before they meet: Jackie wants her sister, the twice-married Lee Radziwill, to attend the dinner despite divorcees not traditionally being invited and the Queen, under pressure, relents.

This surprising moment of kinship develops when the Queen asks Jackie how she finds respite from the expectations and constant public examination, and Jackie says she spends time at their farm [in Virginia].So the Queen isn't all that determined to become Jackie's friend.Added to that, Jackie enjoys the attention she's getting from the Prince, as she's not been getting it from her husband.Cecil wrote that the First Lady was underwhelmed by Buckingham Palace's interior design, as well as the Queen's style.There were other reports at the time, including one from writer Gore Vidal, that Mrs Kennedy described the Queen as 'heavy going' and felt 'resented' by her.

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