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I'm in my fifties, I live alone but I would like to have a partner.

Not necessarily to live with (I'm pretty comfortable as I am) , but to go out with. I set up one (let's watch a movie, go to the movies, stuff like that), and, what usually happens is that the lady in question calls me around the time we are supposed to hook up to tell me that she can't make it.

When it comes to family, they are right and everything else is wrong no matter what.

In Mexico , the family bond is strong and they are extremely protective of one another .

I remember that our Mexican friends started asking my new girlfriend and I about wedding plans only three days after we started dating.

But to our friends those questions were natural even at that early stage. I broke one of my big rules about not dating after meeting a very interesting Mexican gentleman.

Maybe most women are not looking for something casual..It shocked me at the time but since then I have come to see that that is just how the culture here views these things.In our case we did wind up getting married three years later but after only three days of dating it kind of freaked me out to talk about marriage!A dating situation is usually all about taking the relationship somewhere, not just being long term buddies.Those women probably actually did receive that call from Dad or whoever (so they indeed were being honest) but they chose to not tell him "Sorry Papá, I have a date tonight, I'll come see you tomorrow morning." and instead called you and begged off because you didn't seem like you were very serious about taking the relationship to the next level. I remember that our Mexican friends started asking my new girlfriend and I about wedding plans only three days after we started dating.

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or find an amigo with a sister or gal pal of his own.

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