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I replaced this all with the suggestions Bravo had made.The living embodiment of ALPHA MALE, Bravo’s journey began like most, with a woman. His specialties were Firearms, Edged Weapon, and Close Quarter Combat and instructed elite military and law enforcement personal.“With tactical training I taught concepts that hopefully someone would never have to use.With the Social Arts the skills I teach help people positively change their life from that moment on and they use every day!

He began to make some amazing changes and was actually beginning to enjoy his life in every area, except one… Then one night he watched an AFC walk up to a table of flight attendants, a table Bravo was checking out but didn’t approach, and saw a canned opener in action.

His presentation, at my –Becoming A Powerful Man Workshop, was filled with so much user-friendly material and practical advice that anyone could start using the information to immediately improve their Dating Results.

From the first moment I saw Bravo I knew he was the real deal.

After following the discussion for several days and seeing other members replying and claiming they had used the methods he was promoting, and were now getting noticed by women, I started to get a peaked interest.

Within 3 hours I had 2 replies, both from cute looking girls!

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” Before Pick Up, Bravo was teaching for over ten years.

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