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Hamilton dabbles with both Angelica Schuyler (Rachel John) and her sister Eliza (a somewhat Sindy Doll turn from Rachelle Ann Go), whom he marries (pictured)Here was a man who overcame various difficulties, including two duelling scenes.

Though my 14-year-old daughter had a discreet sniffle my own eyes remained stubbornly dry.

Anti-Brexit Tory Anna Soubry (whose constituents in working class Nottinghamshire voted firmly to leave the EU) sat on her own in the Chamber yesterday. Anti-Brexit Tory Anna Soubry (whose constituents in working class Nottinghamshire voted firmly to leave the EU) sat on her own in the Chamber yesterday. Sir Keir Starmer, Labour’s spokesman, referred to Wednesday’s night’s vote as ‘humiliating’, an ‘accident’ and a ‘debacle’ (pronounced in best Peter Cook fashion as ‘day-bark-ul’).

Perhaps the key will say ‘territory loyal to Brussels’ or ‘in league with Corbynistas’. Early in yesterday’s proceedings (Questions to the Department for Exiting the EU), Miss Soubry rose to her hind legs. Had he been a dog you might certainly have said his ears were pinned back. At one point the Speaker urged him to speak more clearly, adding that although he knew Mr Davis was suffering still from a cold, he hoped he was not ‘mumbling deliberately’. Miss Soubry had not yet left the Chamber at this point and laughed at Mr Paterson, I’d say with contempt.

He's a former major leaguer nicknamed "Nails" and an ex-con hustler who made (and lost) millions, but none of that could have prepared Dykstra for his friendship with the wild-man actor, who he alleges is a dangerous criminal about to be taken down by the Feds.

It's the multi-award-winning American hip-hop musical with the most successful run in Broadway history.

The near right corner of the Chamber, where the Europhiles nest, may have to be shaded a different colour by cartographers to designate its uncertain status. Certain of the other Tory MPs in the Chamber plainly thought that remark was as over-ripe as a black banana. Miss Soubry, greatly affronted, froze.‘Nobody,’ she said, eyes blazing, ‘drank champagne. A few moments later she thought about making a point of order, then stomped down to the Speaker’s Chair, had a long discussion, then left the Chamber, her hair greatly askew. Barry Sheerman (Lab, Huddersfield) thought the Secretary of State was not quite as ‘bright-eyed and bushy-tailed’ as normal. Owen Paterson (Con, N Shropshire) expressed the hope that Theresa May would succeed in persuading the EU to agree to a free-trade deal without tariffs.

Apart from Mr Westman the star of the show is Michael Jibson as a pleasingly puddingish, catty George III.

The rat-a-tat-tat of the rap lyrics makes romantic interludes a little robotic but a touching moment does come when Hamilton and Eliza are reconciled after a family bereavement.

I was expecting the tragic potential of Hamilton's extraordinary life story to be milked for more pathos.

The best reason for catching this over-hyped American musical is the energy of its hip-hop rap writing Jamael Westman cuts a rangy, confident figure as we see blue-tailcoated Hamilton rise from Caribbean immigrant to national founding father.

The African-American immigrant aspect to the story was a big part of the show's promotional pitch in the States.

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