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His circle of patrons grew to include the Duke and Duchess of Osuna, whom he painted, the King and other notable people of the kingdom.The brother of King Charles III - banished from court for marrying beneath him - commissioned this group portrait of his family and servants.Plot goes up to Hefner's happy marriage to Kimberley Conrad, which, sadly, did not last.So, if you are a Hefner fan, you probably already know the details, but it is a breezy tale of a remarkable man, and is colorfully told.He then journeyed to Rome, where in 1771 he won second prize in a painting competition organized by the City of Parma.

Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes was an Aragonese Spanish painter and printmaker.After contracting a high fever in 1792 Goya was left deaf, and he became withdrawn and introspective.During the five years he spent recuperating, he read a great deal about the French Revolution and its philosophy.Twenty-five years later, she is a professor of psychology and lives in fear of becoming a criminal like her...See full summary » Odd that this film has ' Unauthorised' in it's title as there is nothing here that could rile the Playboy organisation.

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