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The Uggs were binned, and the swelling should have gone down within a few days.On the mend: Merrily with mum Rachel - the youngster complained of a sore left foot and it turned out she was double-jointed Instead, over the next couple of weeks, the lump got bigger until it became so painful she couldn't walk.Then I realised Merrily hadn't so much as flinched. The collagen in the ligaments in her joints is far more flexible than it should be, making her super-bendy.Nor did she when he bent her whole hand back until it was almost flat. Hypermobility goes way beyond the normal flexibility enjoyed by the young - if you're hypermobile, your joints have double or more the range of movement they should.Promathstination if you will.” It's not the first time experts have disputed Ryanair's claims.

Ryanair told : “All of our 129 million customers are already a winner thanks to our unbeatable low fares and our scratch card game offers great prizes including cash, luxury cars and the chance to win €1 million, while supporting charities across the UK and Europe.

'Watch this,' he said, and promptly bent Merrily's thumb so far back that it touched her wrist.

I was horrified - we were here to get a diagnosis on her foot, yet this consultant appeared to be torturing my little girl's hands.

Of course, lots of people are double-jointed to varying degrees; but hypermobility syndrome (HMS) creates problems.

Most often this is joint pain, but many children suffer from dislocations, soft-tissue injuries and stress fractures.

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