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In aborted coup by the Air Force, hundreds of Asian shops were looted and again some left the country. Madan was appointed as the Chief Justice in 1985 who had the courage to rule against President Moi in a case.Global terror came to Kenya in 1998 when the American embassy was bombed in Nairobi, killing hundreds.Well over 130 people, including a number of the original immigrants who cam from across the UK, gathered together to mark not only the unveiling of the plaque but also to share their memories and experiences.Unfortunately, we could not have accommodated more people because the airport was functional and the space was limited to 100 people, though over 130 attended.

This plaque and this celebration are a fitting culmination of a year of commemoration of the momentous events of 1972.’ Marcella M’Rabety, Stansted Airport’s Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, said: “Stansted Airport is very pleased to support the India Overseas Trust as it marks the 40th anniversary of the expulsion of Asians from Uganda.Asians continued to flourish in business and the professions.In the next general elections in 1979, an Asian lawyer, Krishan Gautama won a parliamentary seat.Indians, called Muhindis or Hindis, have been trading with Kenyan coastal towns since Biblical times.The British government recruited hundreds of Indians to build the Kenya Uganda Railway in late 19th century.

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