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Also, RVM does not manage the system installed ruby in order to give a natural way to switch between RVM controlled rubies, and the system.Your package manager, or lack thereof for OS X, is responsible for managing your system installed ruby and is outside the control of RVM 100%.Check for any themes that you may have installed in the to check/set permissions for the new features, if any.

(For example, this change in Rails 4.1 would have caused us hours of pain if we hadn’t known to watch for it.) But more than that, the upgrade guide will explain you should make those changes.You should always start your Rails upgrade by reading the Rails Upgrade Guide.The upgrade guide will walk you through most of the major changes between Rails versions.Also, make sure you follow the instructions here again if you only copied your Redmine.pm, and update your Apache configuration as the recommended configuration has changed. The ones that are still on Rails 4.0, or even 3.2, because you didn’t feel like dragging them kicking and screaming into the future?

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