Orlando bloom and kirsten dunst dating

That flopped too, through no fault of Bloom’s, and deserved to.

In the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Pirates films, the franchise is the thing; the youngish actors in them are essentially bit players.

If Drew didn't know his father well, we are never told why, and if they were close then why can't Drew mourn his death? And it's one thing for the main character to be a cipher at the beginning of the movie, but he's not supposed to be one at the end.

By comparison Kirsten Dunst's Claire seems more fully fleshed-out.

But at the end of it all I still didn't feel as if I knew him.

For one thing his suicide attempt at the beginning of the movie isn't remotely believable.

(Congratulations all round.) And he came out top of a curious list compiled by the UK Film Council, showing that, of all leading British actors, he had made the most appearances in the 200 highest-grossing films of the past decade. I think.) But you do wonder about that list and its validity.This isn’t the worst thing in the world for any of these actors, who are still making a living beyond the dreams of most of their fellow actors.Just as long as they don’t con themselves into believing they’re bigger than their films.Daniel Radcliffe discovered the shortcomings of that theory in 2007, when his presence in a mediocre Australian coming-of-age film called December Boys was insufficient to save it from disappointing box-office returns and sceptical reviews.Bloom’s biggest lead role so far was in writer-director Cameron Crowe’s ghastly, self-satisfied, semi-autobiographical Elizabethtown (2005).

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