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The government is very keen to get Local TV up and running, as part of the Big Society among other things, but doing so on Vision's platform would be cheaper and quicker to deploy than existing plans: "We believe we offer the must sensible, and commercially viable, solution to {Local TV] provision," the company's MD told us, saying that Vision has reached out to the Ministry of Fun to offer its services, though without any useful response just yet.

In the end we had to get a freesat box which uses a dish to get the signal as our housing assoc are not replacing the ariel on our flats for 2 years.

Mostly Vision is also another demonstration of how difficult it has been to get internet content onto a TV screen.

Video-on-demand services have been available for computers for years, but most people prefer to watch a TV screen and the much-awaited convergence is taking a lot longer than expected.

Hi we have recently moved and at first our reception was fine on the freeview in the main bedroom (we have sky downstairs).

Howveer, over the last few weeks we have been losing channels. The signal is showing as high as OH has been in loft moving aeriel and wotnot.

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Channel 111, named "Connect" and coming online in a few months, will apparently link to a selection of Lifestyle, Health and Wellbeing channels, while Channel 112 ("Stream") will initially lead to a single sports channel.

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