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I already have a big wheeled jogger, but that is still huge (tall) when collapsed in my Expedition. So many places don't have shopping carts (malls, Drs offices, etc) and I can't wear 1 and carry the other in their bucket car seat.

Also, we wanted something to use in the airport when we travel this December...again, PERFECT! Many other lightweight frame strollers just have rubber/soft plastic as the footrest/ step.

Big box stores don't carry them in store and amazon has a tiny selection of which we bought and returned 2 due to poor quality, lack of functionality and heavy weights.

We received our Zoe 2XL last week and it has exceeded all of our expectations! -Didn't need to read instructions for anything...every function makes sense and is easy to use.

I am in need of a very lightweight, portable, easily collapsible stroller. I can't wait to test this out on an upcoming trip- at that point I will update my review further. I love the adult cup holder and options it comes with for the child.

Also the fabric on the sun shade is very high quality.The basket underneath is much larger than it looks in the pictures.And the colors are super sharp - I went with a gray fabric with the lime green accents, and it looks awesome. I just wish these strollers would have been around when my oldest was a baby! I bought this for a gift and it is the best lightweight stroller I have ever found.It was easily assembled, quick delivery, great return policy and warranty, and an amazing product. She tried it out and fell in love with the ease of use.It folds up with just one hand and she loved the height, as a lot of light weight strollers are short. We recently received our Zoe stroller and I am so pleased!!!

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