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Continue reading SOCHI, Russia – Dmitry T., founder of Hunters, one of the most popular Russian gay hook-up apps, posted on his Facebook page that his app was hacked affecting all its users’ profiles in Russia, on midnight, 1 February. Par Yasmina Zidane Têtu, le magazine français destiné à la communauté LGBT, nous décrit la rencontre entre Najat Vallaud-Belkacem et les militants LGBT du Maghreb. Continue reading Cross posted sur Walid, un jeune tunisien de 19 ans a accepté de répondre aux questions des membres de autour du thème de l’homosexualité en Tunisie.

Q: Religion musulmane : • Question basique et sûrement clichée mais : te considères-tu musulman pratiquant alors que ta religion condamne fortement l’homosexualité ? Continue reading Auckland, New Zealand – August, 2012 – a Chinese expat, Dave Yan, who possesses a personal story of dedication, perseverance and ingenuity, released a biographical fiction novel, Over A Year, to celebrate being granted his New Zealand residency.

I also excluded men who deny having raped (only one quote).

1)A married man raped his 10-year old niece after getting drunk and coming home: On that day, she was in a miniskirt and the clothing was tight on the body. I was stronger and more robust than her, so I overpowered her.

I was drunk and did not know I was wronging her.”6)” The woman was wearing a transparent cloth, and immediately after she greeted me, my body got erected.

I tried to seduce her, but she refused to abide by my views. Wandibba, An Interplay of Individual Motivations and Sociocultural Factors Predisposing Men to Acts of Rape in Kenya.

Pink Paper – Immigration minister Geert Leers temporarily halted the deportation of gay Iraqis last month after an alert from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned it was impossible to be openly gay in …

Continue reading By Rahma Sghaier Rahma Sghaier, 19 years old straight girl.

5)32% indicated rape was used as a tool to get sex from someone they lusted after.

On the other hand, the sociocultural factors identified included the view of rape as a sexual act rather than an act of violence, social attitude that the woman “invited” the rape, early childhood environment, cultural practices, peer influence, and a lack of parental advice on sexual activities.” Results (should be taken with a grain of salt due to small sample size and other things mentioned): 1) 93% said they had sex before committing rape, and that their first sex wasn’t coerced. ..) 2) 63% sexually violated an acquaintance, 17% molested relatives, 12% molested their friends, while 6% molested strangers” (Hmm, so we are still most likely to be raped by someone we know.

But friends and relatives are not at the top of the list.) 3) 65% used drugs (mostly alcohol). 28,9% of porn-users associated their hardcore porn use with the crimes, the rest disagreed it had anything to do with it.

The short movie to be first screened in Melbourne, Australia is a violent and personal view of the actual social and religious life in Italy. Continue reading A tragic and homophobic murder of a Gay Italian in Tunisia sheds light on the vulnerable situation of Tunisian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people.

An Italian national tourist, was found dead, murdered, in his apartment in the medina, Hammamet city, a touristic city on the east-northern coasts of Tunisia. Continue reading The Dutch government has announced it will grant asylum to LGBT Iraqis, after declaring Iraq is no longer safe for them.

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Bien entendu, on ne parle pas de l’œuvre de Gabriel García Márquez, mais de la solitude que vivent les membres de notre communauté. Continue reading Photo par Tetu " data-medium-file="

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