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The reader may imagine him setting his first stake in the southeastern corner, on the San Pablo bay shore.

The surveyor who chained off Sonoma County from the rest of the con- tinent smoothly moved along lines of least resistance — along natural boundary lines.

This golden Ali Baba tale was popular with the Spanish knights of fortune, and doubtless Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, when he saw the islands oflf the southern coast of this state, named them after the mystic amazon queen, as they were first known as "Las Cali- fornias." Could this Portuguese in the naval service of Si)ain have gone farther into the province he found and named so fittingly he might have won the golden lure that drew him to the threshold of a greater discovery.

606 Blackburn, Frank L 357 Blackburn, John S 602 Blank, Tohn 1001 Bline, James P 788 Bloom. Fictionists of the time wrote lurid stories of the cities in the mystic west peopled by semi-supernatural beings who jealously watched their vast treasuries. Because of their birdlike manners Montalvo in his book dipped into the Greek and called them "ornis," and "Califa" is from "Kalli" (beafutiful) in the same language. Of course the soldier thus treated was of no use afterwards. But this portion of the Golden West assumes no indefinite or foreign derivation for her title. She has supplied it from within herself; and her almost nine hundred thousand acres of soil — -lowland and upland — have never felt a drought, and where the fauna of all earth's zones blossom in richest beauty and fruit in generous harvest, is — Imperial Sonoma. But he died sud- denly in that vicinity and was buried on one of his Santa Barbara islands, in a grave nameless and unknown.

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