Not updating visual studio 2016

It may depend on the version of Visual Studio, or on the version of Xamarin that is installed.

This problem occurs when you debug an add-in project targeting to . The reason is the debugger, which doesn't know what . To find out that info, the debugger checks the .config file of the executable, which is the host application in your case.

Workaround: If you want to enable Stretch Database on the database or the table, the only option is to rename the object and remove the problem character.

If the .config file is missing or it doesn't point to a specific .

Recently, when I opened a Xamarin project in Visual Studio, I received a message that an update for Xamarin for Visual Studio was available.

The Xamarin icon appears in my Sys Tray, but clicking on it does nothing. The Xamarin for Visual Studio extension appears in Extensions and Updates, but you can’t update it from there either.

Workaround: Drop the index that uses the INCLUDE keyword, enable Stretch Database on the table, then recreate the index.

If you do this, be sure to follow your organization's maintenance practices and policies to ensure minimal or no impact to users of the affected table.

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Issue and customer impact: Automatic data cleanup fails on editions other than Enterprise and Developer.

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