Dating hand signals

While Jesch says that she and her friends weren't leading the guy on, she can see how he might have gotten off track.

After all, she says, women can be just plain confusing.

Words speak louder than actions Ryan Dodge, 26, admits that when it comes to reading women's signals, he sometimes strikes out.

"I think a girl on the subway is checking me out," he says, "but then I realize she's watching the guy next to me while he's stealing my wallet or something." The Brooklyn, New York, resident -- who writes about his dating life on the blog Single-ish -- has one signal down, though: "A telltale sign is when she laughs at all of my jokes, because I know I'm not that funny." It all boils down to men and women's communication styles, says Charlotte, North Carolina-based relationships coach Kathy Stafford, author of "Relationship Remorse: Mistakes Women Make When Shopping for a Man." "Men are more direct," observes Stafford, who also runs the dating and relationship advice Web site Dear

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(Life Wire) -- When it comes to women, says Mark Tardif, 44, sometimes it's hard to tell what they're thinking.

"Women also know that licking their lips can drive men wild and certainly get their attention." • Take a glance at her shoes.

Is she crossing her legs and playfully dangling her shoe as she glances your way? "I think women know it's in their best interest to keep us guessing," says Dodge.

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If so, here's what it might mean: "She's calling attention to her legs and hoping you like what you see," explains Mc Dermott. "One of the strongest signals a woman can give is a touch on the arm or hand," says Stafford. "It's a signal that she feels safe in your presence and wants a little more of you than every other woman in the room is currently getting," says Mc Dermott. This could mean that she wants to look good for you and is hoping you find her attractive, says Stafford. "I may be betraying my fellow men by admitting this, but we like a challenge." Life Wire provides original and syndicated lifestyle content to Web publishers.

"If she does this, it's time to get her digits." • Look for the lean. Sarah Jio is a Seattle-based writer who has contributed to "Cooking Light," "SELF," "Glamour" and many other publications.

"She stood there silent, glass of wine in her hands, with a look of puzzlement on her face," he recalls.

"As the doors closed, it hit me like a ton of bricks that she was shocked that I hadn't followed her back to her room.

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On the other hand, women still expect gentlemanly courtesies such as having the door held open for them." And what do guys think?

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