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For its part, Twitter is in the process of tweaking its abuse report tools and policies in a long-overdue bid to fix one of its nastiest problems now that neo-Nazis feel unusually empowered there.The fact is that the internet is pre-loaded with people ready to shout, stalk, doxx, and even threaten others, with the misbehavior seeming to be at its worst when content is flowing in rapid, real time and audiences are staring into their screens.Every new live video has the potential to lure somebody’s attention—or, as You Tube execs see it, their lucrative eyeballs—from another, non-live video that they explicitly chose to watch.If you pull someone away from an eight-minute Saturday Night Live clip, the odds of it being a 60-second feed from some extremely bored guy’s basement had better be pretty low.A careful, phased rollout of live video is probably the best way to train Content ID to accurately detect multiple copyright violations in real time, especially when much of the content being live-streamed isn’t likely to be in the Content ID database.You Tube hasn’t said how long it will take for the rest of us to get the ability to stream live, other than that it’s expected to happen later this year.It may seem odd that more than two years into the mobile live-streaming hype, we’ve heard so little from the biggest video site of them all: You Tube.In 2015, Meerkat was the talk of South By Southwest and Twitter quickly responded by launching its own live-streaming app, Periscope.

IRCTC refers to Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.And the odds of the viewer being repulsed or annoyed enough to close the app had better be close to zero.Piracy is also a risk when it comes to a quick, universal rollout of mobile live-streaming on You Tube.Limiting live video to You Tube stars may seem overly cautious, if not downright sluggish (especially considering how late the company is to this game). And then there’s the subset of it that makes you question whether mobile live-streaming should exist at all.But this type of slow-paced iterative rollout of new features is pretty standard for platforms of You Tube’s size, and for good reason. If you’ve ever scrolled through the current live streams on Periscope, you know how varied the results can be when you let anyone with a smartphone broadcast to the whole world. If you think things can get odd or questionable on Periscope, just imagine what would happen if millions of You Tube users suddenly had the option to “go live.” How would they wield that power?

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Now it’s practically normal: We can watch news events unfold live on Periscope and groan every time one of our friends goes live on Facebook. Today, You Tube announced that it’s rolling out live video to people with 10,000 or more subscribers.

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