Sqlite cache needs updating reading in metadata

The tags, identifiers, and cover attributes are special cases.

Tags and identifiers cannot be set to None so they will always be replaced if force_changes is true.

Return the user categories for the specified books.

Now you have all that is needed to start the tutorial.

This one is a simple, small-sized but quite realistic database containing some free available GIS data [you can found the original ones at The test-2.3.sqlite contains the following tables: This section will try to let you become accustomed to SQLite in very quick way.

proxy_metadata_map is optional and is useful for a performance boost, in contexts where a Proxy Metadata object for the books already exists.

It should be a mapping of book_ids to their corresponding Proxy Metadata objects.

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This lock object is not recursive (for performance) and must only be used in a with statement as Setting force_changes=True will force set_metadata to update fields even if mi contains empty values.

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