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Dating violence among teenagers is common, and a new study, the largest on this issue to date, suggests that ED staff should screen all patients in this at-risk population.

One in five female adolescents and one in eight male adolescents screened reported being either a victim or perpetrator of dating violence in the previous year.Despite promising information characterizing adolescents’ dating violence experiences longitudinally, prior studies tended to concentrate on physical and sexual types of violence only, and did not report information on the number of times dating violence was experienced across multiple abusive partners.We used a method similar to the timeline follow-back interview to query adolescents about dating violence victimization from age 13 to 19—including dating violence types (physical, sexual, and psychological), frequency, age at first occurrence, and number of abusive partners.Female respondents were more likely to be perpetrators and less likely to be victims than male respondents.However, the study addressed only nonsexual physical violence (and not sexual or emotional violence); also, the severity of injuries could not be assessed.

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Unfortunately, victims often don't want to disclose that information, even when doing so could be an opportunity to break the cycle of violence.

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